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Our Clinic

World-Class Treatment With Exceptional Service

Our Purpose is to help people restore their lives through compassion, education, and extraordinary service, while ever expanding ourselves and our curiosity to better serve our community. 


Many people suffer from symptoms of poor health, excess weight, neuropathy, back pain, headaches, chronic fatigue, and more. Every symptom is a signal from the body pointing toward an underlying (often hidden) health issue.

With two Board-certified Doctors, we know how to read these signals. We alleviate unwanted symptoms by discovering their underlying causes. Once the cause of a condition is handled medically, the symptoms vanish, and the person is restored to natural health and vitality.

Our goal with every patient is that they graduate from our care with their condition handled so they no longer require further treatment from us or anyone else. We usually achieve that goal, as our numerous testimonials illustrate.

If you have any health issues that you need help with, contact us today and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our team.

Dr. Bohnenblust is a Board certified and fellowship-trained chiropractor in Dallas, Tx. Born at Baylor downtown, a graduate of Trinity high school in Euless and Parker University in Dallas. For Dr. B, DFW has always been home. After training at Parker University, he trained under some of the best Neurologists, Chiropractors, Neurosurgeons, and neuroradiologists during his fellowship through SUNY Buffalo School of medicine and biomedical science.

Education and Training follow this link:

Adam Bohnenblust DC, BCN

Our Team

Devoted. Experienced. Professional.

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Adam Bohnenblust DC

Owner and Director of Clinical Operations

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Elizabeth Mitchell

Case Manager

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Nazirah Fierro

Office Manager

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Jaylen Bell

Therapy Assistant


What Our Patients Say


Dr. B and his team are wonderful! I have been to other chiropractors in the past but prefer the welcoming environment of this office. They do a great job explaining everything thoroughly and have helped me get rid of the back pain that brought me in initially. Subsequently, the tension headaches I've had for years have been virtually non-existent. I highly recommend.

Sarah Corcoran

Never being in a Chiropractor before. Thanks for my brother and sister in law for finding him for me. The place is very nice!!! The staff very friendly; welcome you like a family member. Dr. B. is very nice; knows his job; and when you go to his magical chair, the next day you are better. The new exercises that Iam learning is helping me to be in shape; and my sciatica getting better. I highly recommend Dr. B. to anyone experiencing sciatica pain.  Thanks for all the staff, wonderful place to be.

Margrete Waymire

I was in so much pain before coming to Texas Joint and Spine. I could barely get out of bed and my normal day to day tasks were unmanageable. I was afraid that my back was in need of surgery. Thanks to Dr. B and the amazing staff at Texas Joint and Spine I’m able to sleep through the night, workout, and perform my daily tasks with minimal pain. I’m still a work in progress as I’ve only been a patient for about a month, but I, for once, have hope that I’ll be better and even stronger soon. I cannot thank everyone here enough for giving me my life back.

Heather Hall

The magical hands that have healed me back to a better human! Super bed ridden when I started treatment and NOW I feel better than ever! Awesome personalities, magical hands, good instruction and accountability to get you where you need to be and I just want to say THANK YOU to the team! Shoutout to Elizabeth, Tiffany, Naz, and Dr. B!!

Alexander Grant

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