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  • Adam Bohnenblust

Be Strong Enough For Life

In order to live pain-free and ensure an optimal body for an optimal life you need a strategic and systematic approach. If your lower back hurts, for example you’re not going to resolve your symptoms simply by getting massages.

To truly eliminate these problems, your plan has to include improving the SPINE, MUSCLES, and RANGE OF MOTION from head to toe.

In other words, you don't need to wait for your lower back to hurt or your hips to get tight to know that you’re doing something wrong. This is why mobility must be a daily practice. Spending 10-15 minutes a day performing self-maintenance will help you stay ahead of potential problems before they become full-blown firestorms.

Understanding how to perform basic self- maintenance so that you can prevent problems altogether, well before your joints and muscles have become so stiff and dysfunctional that you are in pain is extremely important for living life to the fullest.

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